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Ode to Canada

It’s cold and snowing,

So here I sit bemoaning

My ill luck to be born into this place

It’s icy and freezing,

I’m really not just teasing

I think it must be warmer out in space

But sometimes our weather is warm and really great

I think there was one day in June of ‘98

Our beer is tasty

Yet one must be quite hasty

And drink ‘ere it becomes an icicle

Our gas is pricey

Public transit is pretty dicey

It’s suicide to ride a bicycle

But our moose are really big and our trees kinda green

And our population is tiny, so don’t come here to be seen

The blasted snow is thick

Father Winter, you’re a prick

Look! the flakes are quickly turning into rain

Our air is delicious

But our weather is cruel and malicious

I think Canadians are all insane!