5¢ candy

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Great Canadian Novel

1 cup wind

1/2 cup dust

2 cups loneliness

1/3 cup family

2 tbsp immigrant experience

1/4 tsp nameless narrator

1/4 cup social climbing/heartless success/ poor-city-kid-makes good story

1/3 cup quirky plot

2 tsp magic realism

1/4 cup extreme weather event

In a large valley, mix wind, loneliness, dust, and family. Slowly add extreme weather event, stirring constantly. Fold in nameless narrator, poor-city-kid story, quirky plot and magic realism. Roll in to modest, unassuming balls and place on a large prairie sheet. Bake at 350F for one hour, removing when top is a gentle wheat colour. Cool and sprinkle with immigrant experience.

Serves 34 million.